Earnings are sent to all NFT holders for joining the Club through a smart contract created when you purchase the “Crypto Millionaire Apes Club” NFTs.

Earnings will be sent each month between the 1st to the 3rd of the month, starting on the second month after the completion of the each sales phase according to the Roadmap. Earnings will be sent to the same wallet address from which you purchased the NFT.

When you purchase a “Crypto Millionaire Apes Club” NFT, your funds are deposited into a special pool for the “Crypto Millionaire Apes Club” community via a smart contract.

Through the collective contribution that the community makes, returns are achieved and are in turn sent to its members  (“Crypto Millionaire Apes Club” NFT owners). Monthly returns are then sent directly to each holder through the smart contract.

The monthly profits are calculated based on 85% of the actual cost of each NFT.
For example: if one buys a “Gold Level Ape” for 1.00 ETH,  0.85 ETH will be deposited into the community pool. 
Based on that 0.85 ETH, that holder will receive a monthly estimated return of apx. 3% in ETH, back to the purchasing wallet.

General Provisions. This document describes the “Crypto Millionaire Apes Club” Non Fungible Token community and the current vision for the post-mining community architecture. The only financial transaction between the buyer and the community is limited to the initial mining/purchase of the Non Fungible Token (NFT) on the Etherium blockchain using Open Sea NFT platform. There is no other financial contract or implied relationship, financial or otherwise, between the buyer and the community or community founders.

Contributions to various automated trading systems and to private traders as a trading provider are at the sole discretion of the founders and their choice to use the proceeds from the public sale of the NFT collection. Any potential benefit or profit from investing and how it is distributed is also left to the founders’ discretion. There is no representation of any amount of investing profits or earnings of the amount associated with the founders’ decisions the use of the proceeds of the sale.

“Crypto Millionaire Apes Club” does not and does not intend to make, and hereby disclaims any representations, warranties or guarantees of any type or nature (including implied) to any person or entity, including, without limitation, any representation, warranty or guarantee arising from or relating to the truth or accuracy of any information in this document and the “Crypto Millionaire Apes Club” ecosystem.

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, rules and regulations, “Crypto Millionaire Apes Club” shall not be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, consequential or other damages of any kind, whether in tort, contract or otherwise (including, without limitation, loss of income, profits or revenue, loss of use or data) arising out of or relating to your acceptance of this document or any part thereof.

This document does not obligate either party to enter into any contract or legally binding obligation or to accept any form of payment for any purpose. Any agreement with “Crypto Millionaire Apes Club” to purchase NFT from the collection will be governed by the terms of use and privacy policy of that agreement, which will prevail herein.

Also, we do not sell “Crypto Millionaire Apes Club” NFTs to citizens of countries where the purchase or sale of NFT tokens or cryptocurrency is prohibited. Including citizens of the United States and the United Arab Emirates.

It does not constitute an offer of securities. “Crypto Millionaire Apes Club” NFTs are a separate collection and their purchase is an independent transaction and has nothing to do with the community founders’ choice of revenue use as it relates to their choice to support the “Crypto Millionaire Apes Club” community’s vision and roadmap. This document, or any part of it, is not a prospectus or offering document of any type or nature and is not intended to be an offering of securities or an investment in securities in any jurisdiction.

Risks and Uncertainties:

Prospective purchasers of “Crypto Millionaire Apes Club” NFTs should carefully consider and evaluate all risks and uncertainties associated with the digital NFTs, as the digital asset market is a volatile and risky market. These risks and uncertainties may include, without limitation, the following: risks associated with the cost of NFTs; risks associated with competitive conditions; risks associated with blockchain technology and software, including delays, interruptions, errors, losses, advances and changes; security risks associated with access and use of digital wallet and blockchain applications; risks associated with platform development and business strategy implementation, including reliance on its personnel and third party service providers as well as any other risks that cannot be overcome; political or government risks, including If any of these risks and uncertainties arise, such events could materially and adversely affect “Crypto Millionaire Apes Club”, and you could lose part or all of the value of your assets.

This document does not constitute legal, tax, regulatory, financial, accounting or other advice and is not intended to serve as the sole basis for evaluating “Crypto Millionaire Apes Club” NFTs.