Crypto Millionaire

Apes Club!

A limited NFT collection of the craziest and wealthiest Apes.
Each NFT holder will be able to generate a passive income of 3% – 5% per month paid using a smart contract.

We have found some of the best traders and automated trading systems on the planet.

These traders and systems are by invitation only, as they manage millions of dollars for private investors and large funds.

Special offer!

We are offering the first 100
“Gold Level Apes”
 at a discounted price of 0.65 ETH each, generating 3% per month).
In addition, a TOTAL of 30
“Platinum Level Apes”
are offered at 1 ETH each, generating 5% per month.


Pre-Sale: 0.65 ETH
The price of the very first 100 "Gold Level Apes"
Phase 1: 0.80 ETH
The price of the next 250 "Gold Level Apes"
Phase 2: 1.00 ETH
The price of the following 500 "Gold Level Apes"
Market price
After the entire collection is sold, buying and selling will continue on Open Sea


The monthly profits are calculated based on 85% of actual cost of each NFT.

Passive income

Now you can also earn a passive income from 3% to 5% per month with the help of the Crypto Millionaire Ape Club NFTs:

Neural Network
Automated systems created on the principle that received a Nobel Prize!
Arbitrage system
Exchange Arbitrage bot system in which we earn regardless of market movements. Not to be confused with Forex trading!
Professional traders working on both the cryptocurrency and the stock markets.
Our traders and systems make money regardless of market movements!
We utilize a number of proven traders and systems working in all sectors and markets.
Each trader is a master at what they do: One is very good at scalp trading, another is incredible at picking the best Penny Stocks, and another one is a Silver/Gold master. Then we found a system that does Crypto exchange arbitrage, and so on..
It took years to build this concept!

All in one NFT

We are very protective of our relationships and partners, so we can't disclose our traders and systems.
However, when you join the club, YOU get a once in a lifetime opportunity to join all of them at the same time!

Special offer!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to buy your NFTs at the best possible price! AND earn monthly passive income.